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10 interesting facts about pumpkins

Here’s 10 interesting facts about pumpkins this Halloween – including some ideas for recycling them after the main event!

  1. Many animals – including sheep – love to eat pumpkins. Cats and dogs also love them. Find out how to prepare a Halloween feast for your pet -
  2. Not only do sheep love pumpkins, pumpkins also love sheep. Sheep manure is high in nutrients that help pumpkins grow to large sizes.
  3. Pumpkins are a high fibre food, so adding some to your pet’s diet can provide great natural digestive benefits.
  4. Pumpkins are also rich in vitamin c, which is especially good for animal’s coats as well as having many properties that are beneficial to their skin. They also contain beta carotene and vitamin A which is great for eye health.
  5. Pumpkin seeds act as an organic de-wormer. They’re coated with a natural chemical which causes paralysis of the worms.
  6. Native Americans used pumpkin leaves as a fly repellent. They simply crushed the leaves and rubbed them into their livestock’s coat.
  7. Pumpkins are a great addition to the compost pile. They are 90% water, which means they break down quickly and easily.
  8. Why not turn your jack-o-lantern into a snack-o-lantern for local wildlife? Find out how here -
  9. Many types of birds and small mammals will be happy to eat pumpkin seeds if you leave them out in your garden – one to remember for next year after your masterpiece is created!
  10. Or if you’d like to grow your own pumpkin flowers, save some of the seeds and plant them in your garden. Your local bees will love you for it!

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10 interesting facts about pumpkins Did you know that sheep love to eat pumpkins?