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Marton Mills: wool is beauty and style in any weather

Sunshine, downpours, wind or snow – whatever the weather, you’ll always see sheep grazing happily in the British countryside. British sheep are a hardy bunch, and their wool protects them against everything the British climate throws at them. It’s this natural adaptability that inspired Marton Mills to design and create ‘Leathley’ - a new fabric made from 100% British wool. Designer Charlotte Howson explains more.

Local and sustainable

Marton Mills’ new fabric is named after Leathley, a picturesque village near Harrogate, North Yorkshire with historical agricultural roots. We created Leathley with true sustainability in mind – the entire manufacturing process has taken place here in Yorkshire, from sourcing and spinning to dyeing and finishing. The fact that everything is sourced and managed locally keeps the carbon footprint low, whilst also supporting local Yorkshire businesses like Laxtons, our yarn manufacturer.

Fabrics created using British wool are designed to last a lifetime. The natural crimp and elasticity of wool fibre means you can wear and use wool clothing for longer, and it still looks good. Wool is also far more durable than synthetic fibres – resisting spills and tearing – so you get more wear from every garment and product. At the end of its life, wool decomposes in soil in a matter of months or years, slowly releasing valuable nutrients back into the earth.

Comfortable and stylish, whatever the weather

Leathley uses a blend of wool from two breeds of British sheep - Bluefaced Leicester and Masham. These breeds were chosen specifically to provide wool which is strong, but also soft and lustrous, creating fabric which has a beautiful handle with a crisp tailored look.

One of the most amazing natural features of wool is that it helps regulate body temperature. The tiny air pockets in wool fibre help to keep us warm in winter, and thanks to wool’s breathable qualities, also cool in summer. So come rain or shine, wearing a Leathley garment is your best bet for British weather! 

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