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Devon Duvet: helping you sleep better and longer

This month, British Wool talks to Pauline Beijen, joint owner of Devon Duvets, to find out how British wool promotes better sleep. 

Tell us about the history of Devon Duvets and the thinking behind the business.

My husband Dick and I moved to Devon in 2008 and bought a small farm, aiming to live in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way.  We kept sheep on the farm and wanted to do something with the wool to support the British farming industry. We already knew about the benefits of sleeping with wool, so started exploring the possibilities of making our own bedding products.

A farmer friend of ours saw that Channel 4 was searching for people like us to make a new television programme - ‘My Dream Farm’. Knowing our plans, he put our names forward as he found it all very interesting!  We were initially very hesitant to open our lives to this but decided we wanted to share what we were doing with others and agreed for them to follow us and film for more than 9 months. Monty Don, the presenter, was really interested in our idea to make British wool duvets and Devon Duvets was born when the programme was aired on 21 January 2010.

Why do you think wool is a great fibre?

British wool is a sustainable commodity. It’s also recyclable and biodegradable, making it a very environmentally friendly material.  At Devon Duvets, all of our wool is free of chemicals and is therefore very natural.

How can wool products promote better sleep?

Wool naturally resists dust mites so can help to relieve the symptoms of allergies or asthma that are aggravated by dust mite droppings.  Wool fibres are also naturally anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic, making it wonderfully hygienic.

As well as being an insulator, wool breathes naturally, wicks away moisture and releases excess heat, letting the body regulate its own temperature to maintain a balanced and even temperature whilst sleeping. This can help to alleviate night sweats and cold clamminess.  Additionally a sleeping environment is created that is unique to each person and this makes wool a perfect solution for partners sleeping under one duvet who each have differing body temperatures.

These many natural qualities mean that people achieve a more peaceful and deeper sleeping experience. Studies show that sleeping under wool increases the duration of the most beneficial phase of sleep known as REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and this contributes towards good health, wellbeing and happiness. 

Why do you choose British wool for your products?

Animal welfare and the traceability of wool is very important to us.  The standard of animal husbandry on British Farms is extremely high. DEFRA (Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and Animal Welfare exercise very strict controls over the keeping of sheep on farms in the UK, and regularly inspect farms to ensure their welfare regulations are adhered to. We can be assured that British sheep (the sheep providing our wool) are some of the best cared for in the world so by purchasing products which use 100% certified British wool you are supporting good practise in animal welfare.

A consistently high quality is vital too - British Wool standards and controls ensure we receive this level of quality and consistency.

Do you have any new products in development?

We will shortly be relaunching our organic collection.  We are proud to be the only British soft filled bedding company licensed by Soil Association to make genuine organic products that are certified to Global Organic Trading Standards (GOTS).

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Devon Duvet: helping you sleep better and longer Devon Duvet explain the benefits of having wool bedding
Wool breathes naturally, wicks away moisture and releases excess heat Wool breathes naturally, wicks away moisture and releases excess heat