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Woolly activities for your little lambs

It's a challenging time at the moment, and we're all adapting to new ways of doing things. Here at British Wool, we know the story of wool is an incredible one, we also know another thing… kids love sheep! Our learning resource platform has all kinds of fun, yet educational sheep activities to keep kids occupied. There are online games and activities to print out - below are just a few of our favourites:

Shapes colouring activity – Count the shapes on the jumper, colour the jumper and add your own shapes to finish the pattern. Counting practice up to ten.

Spot the sheep activity sheet – Find the sheep that are hiding in the picture. Can you find them all? Increasing observation and concentration.

Colour and Count – How many lambs can you see? How many flowers? How many clouds? Colour the pictures and count the things you can see.

Dreaming activity sheets – Ask children to identify what the sheep is dreaming about and why. Use these sheets as a topic for discussion. Encourage children to share views and to listen and respond to the opinions of others. 

Letter formation activity sheet – Handwriting practice sheets containing activities to develop writing and alphabet skills and to expand vocabulary.

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Woolly activities for your little lambs Fun, educational activities to keep kids occupied