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Peregrine Clothing: why we use British wool

British Wool talks to Jasmine Langley, Marketing Manager at Peregrine Clothing, to find out why British wool makes beautiful menswear which lasts a lifetime.  

Tell us about the history of Peregrine Clothing and the thinking behind the business.

Peregrine Clothing, originally J.G. Glover, has been lovingly passed down over eight generations, now in the hands of Tom Glover. In 1796, the first generation, also named Thomas, moved to Leicestershire where he went into business as a hand frame knitter, commonly known back then as a "bag man". 210 years later, in 2006, Tom re-branded Peregrine Clothing, looking to reestablish the brand with contemporary designs and a cleaner look. The brand still retains its core values and everything is and always will be 100% Made in England.

Tell us about your British wool men's range. What was the inspiration behind it?

We always start the design process with a few core themes in mind; functionality, adaptability and a play on tradition. Our clothes span seasons and they are a wardrobe staple that will be loved for years to come, so the highest quality materials are essential. Our designs stand up to the elements but transition perfectly to suit an urban environment, making them adaptable for both city living and country breaks.

Tell us about your target customer.

Our customer base is made up of people who are passionate about craftsmanship, tradition and our story. All of our manufacturing is done at our own factory here in the UK. We are very proud of where we come from and our customers are too. It doesn't matter if you live in the countryside or in the city, anyone can wear and enjoy Peregrine clothing. A favourite customer of ours is Tom Hardy who wore our British wool Waffle Shawl Cardigan in an interview to promote the release of his most recent film, Venom. He is well known for his classic style so it was no surprise that he chose one of the British wool pieces from our collection.

Why do you think wool is a great fibre?

British wool is one of the most resilient natural fibres, with natural breathability, antibacterial properties and a thin waxy coating which makes your knitwear able to give the British weather a run for its money!

Wool is also fully biodegradable so discarded items and left over yarn poses little threat to the environment. But why would you want to throw it away? A well-loved jumper will last a lifetime!

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Peregrine Clothing: why we use British wool Peregrine Clothing - classic style, made to last
A well-loved jumper will last a lifetime A well-loved jumper will last a lifetime