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UrbanBosk: soft, sumptuous, sustainable

UrbanBosk is the first footwear brand to receive British Wool product certification under the new licensee scheme, using verified British wool to create a supremely soft and comfortable boot lining. We talk to Geeta Rani, Managing Director, to find out why natural, sustainable materials are so important in the manufacture of each UrbanBosk boot.

Tell us about the thinking behind UrbanBosk.

UrbanBosk is a family run business offering premium footwear for town and country. I founded the business with my two sisters – we come from a long line of entrepreneurs so it’s been a natural progression to set up on our own. We all love shoes so it’s a very natural fit if you’ll pardon the pun!

Our collection is classic and timeless with a smart casual look, designed to offer complete flexibility. Whether you’re working at the office, shopping at the weekend, catching up with friends or spending time outdoors – there’s an UrbanBosk boot to suit.

Why is sustainability so important to you?

When we started UrbanBosk, we all agreed that building our business responsibly was the only way to go – it’s a well-known fact that fast fashion is causing huge problems for our environment.

We thought carefully about creating our range of footwear, prioritising quality, ethical sourcing and natural materials. Our footwear is made using the finest Italian leather, sourced responsibly from a family run farm, and lined with 100% British wool. Using these materials means we can be confident we’re creating products which will perform and last. As we grow as a business, we’re striving to be ever more responsible and sustainable in everything we do – right from the initial sourcing through to the shipping and the packaging we use.

Why do you think wool is a great fibre?

Wool is 100% renewable and biodegradable – it’s an amazing natural fibre with so many different features and benefits. It insulates and manages moisture naturally, so it’s a great choice for footwear, keeping your feet cosy, warm and naturally hygienic. Even when wool is damp, it will still keep you warm because it can hold moisture for longer than other fabrics which is why it does such a good job protecting sheep in wet weather.

Why did you choose British wool specifically?

British sheep live outside in all weathers, which means the wool they grow has unique features to protect them against everything the elements throw at them. It’s perfectly designed for the task – extra bouncy and resilient.

We’re really proud to be one of the few footwear brands in the UK certified by British Wool. The crook mark provides an assurance of quality and origin for both manufacturers and customers, and also means a long-term commitment to British farmers.

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UrbanBosk: soft, sumptuous, sustainable Footwear brand UrbanBosk uses verified British wool to create a supremely soft and comfortable lining for their range of stylish boots.
British wool creates a supremely soft and comfortable boot lining British wool creates a supremely soft and comfortable boot lining