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Adam Curtis Online: why British wool is so versatile

We all know that wool is fantastic for keeping us warm, but now the sun is shining – at least some days – how do wool products fit in?   Adam Curtis, owner of Adam Curtis Online, explains why he thinks British wool is one of the most versatile fibres around.

Why do you think wool is a great fibre?

The humble sheep is nature’s ultimate free-range animal and, in my opinion, a viable solution to a large part of the modern-day plastics problem.  Britain is home to many different breeds, each of which grow wool that can be used in a wide range of varying products; from carpets to clothing to bedding, even home insulation and food packaging. Wool fibre has many natural, unique qualities that differentiate it from manmade fibres – best of all, it’s sustainable and biodegradable!  We really should take more notice of this versatile, natural material and make it a priority in our buying habits.

What’s the thinking behind Adam Curtis Online?

I’m a third generation Woolman with both my parents working with wool in one form or another.  After leaving university, I took over the family business, which specialised in wool carpets.  Over the following 17 years, my career has seen me develop many different products, from custom wool carpets and blankets to worsted hand knitting yarns.  A lot of this work was done for other people or brands so Adam Curtis Online is a platform for me to develop and release products for myself. 

Looking forward, I see a lot of potential for British wool and would love to encourage people to use more of it, especially in homes and fashion.  The benefits of a good wool carpet over synthetic carpet are staggering!

Tell us more about the Best of British collection.

The Best of British throw collection is made from 100% British wool, which is sourced, woven and spun in Yorkshire. The range was developed with the help of my father, whose knowledge of British wool is second to none. We wanted to demonstrate the true versatility of British wool, particularly focusing on softness, and together, we selected a combination of wools to give a soft yet sturdy handle.  The blend is made up of several breeds from all over Britain and when combined, represents what we believe to be the Best of British Wool.

While our throws have always been popular as home accessories, they are also perfect for picnics. They’re beautifully soft to sit on and perfect for keeping you warm during one of our inevitable British chills! Available in black, soft grey and brown natural shades, each throw is generous in size, easily catering for a few picnicking participants (or a collection of teddy bears) and picnic essentials.

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Adam Curtis Online: why British wool is so versatile A British wool blanket - the perfect accessory for a teddy bear's picnic in the sun
The Best of British throw collection is available in black, soft grey and brown