What’s In A Label?

We live in a world of labels these days!  But they are an important part of understanding what the product is made of and how it will perform.

This year the BWMB has added to the original British Wool Blue label - creating a new family of labels that will offer different levels of British Wool within products.  Our Q & A puts the labels under the spotlight!

What Is The Blue Label And Who Can Use It?

The British Wool Blue label has been around for fifty years and its design includes the iconic Shepherd’s Crook - that crucial tool of the Shepherd’s working life! It is available to licensed partners of the BWMB - we call them our licensees.  Licensees can use the label on product that contains 50 percent or more of British Wool within the wool content of the finished product.

What Are The New Labels?

The new labels are part of a new promotion that gives our licensees labels that recognise higher British Wool content within their products.  The Gold Label defines a level of 70% or more within the wool content and the Platinum label defines the wool content as 100% British Wool.

How Can Licensees Get The New labels?

Licensees have to sign up to the Premium Label Partnership.  The new Gold and Platinum Labels are part of this scheme which effectively creates a partnership between the different wool processors.  Once signed up they will be provided with a self-certification pack which details the wool chain from the beginning of processing through to the finished product. 

What Makes These New Labels Important?

The new Gold and Platinum labels provide evidence to the BWMB that the wool content is verified and this allows the licensee to use the label on product.  A higher content of British Wool will show the consumer that the fibre content is authentic and represents good quality.  It also is becoming really important to manufacturers and brands that want to present a British quality and origin marketing story.

What Does It Mean to Consumers?

Consumers rely on labels to help them understand everything from calorie content to how to use and care for products and our labels are there to act as a guide too.  British Wool is a fibre that is known for strength and appearance and structure retention. Higher levels of British Wool provide a better performance and provides confidence to the consumer. 

How Do Higher Levels of British Wool Make a Difference?

British Wool is a very strong fibre! Our native sheep breeds and the UK’s all too often cold, wet windy climate contribute to making the sheep’s fleece really bulky and robust.  If you hold raw fleece wool in your hands and squeeze it tightly - it will spring right back!  This spring-like quality makes it difficult to compress or flatten and this is great in carpets and rugs and also perfect for providing structure with stretch in fabrics for upholstery and even fashion.  So a higher level of British Wool in product will provide an even better performance and customer experience!

Where Will Consumers Find the labels?

Always check the product labels, swing tickets and look on the back of carpet samples in carpet stores for the fibre labels as it’s a good guide to performance and long lasting wear-ability!

For further information please contact: marketing@britishwool.org.uk

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