Wool Floor Show London Puts Wool Carpet in the Spotlight

March means carpets here at British Wool - it is the month that we host the only trade event dedicated exclusively to real wool carpet and rugs.  Although that concept may seen unusual - there is a very good reason for doing this - the majority of our British Wool national clip goes into quality floor coverings.  And so, for two days in March - 15th and 16th - we bring the best names in the industry together in the centre of London (Stamford Bridge venue of Chelsea FC).

In total we have over 23 exhibiting partners - the majority of those are wool carpet manufacturers and we have a few supporter brands too such as WoolSafe - which is the specialist wool cleaning organisation advocated by the industry.

British Wool will also be exhibiting.  Our fibre which is grown on sheep in the UK, is regarded by the industry for its strength and robust bulk, add warmth, softness, breathability, insulation, easy care and fire safety and you have truly incredible and reliable performance for floors.

Wool carpets have been the standard for homes across the UK for many, many years.  When there was only woven carpets - remember the patterned wool axminster that may well have adorned the home of great-grandparents/grandparents across the country (and also many local pubs!).  The wool carpet was a prized acquisition equivalent to say, a small car purchase.  It was seen as a status symbol, an investment worth making. 

Later when the industry introduced the more cost efficient tufted carpet manufacturing, the wider UK public finally had wool within their reach and they fell for the quality, durability and fabulous touch of beautiful wool for the floor. 

Heathered hues and plain neutrals in wool twist took over from the rich patterns and gone were the squares that reached to the side but not the corners!  The wall-to-wall fully fitted wool carpet revolution was born.  The UK became known as the home of 80/20 wool rich - the industry standard for hard-wearing, long-lasting tufted wool carpets. Homes carpeted with fitted wool were warmer, more insulated and so very smart!

Today, the choice in wool is greater than ever - the neutral and natural colour bank leaves no shade unturned!  Here there are more subtle tones of beige and of course…’greige' than you could ever count! 

But there is also a colour and pattern revival - with statement floor pieces providing the entrance hall or living room with that individuality that design minded consumers want to see - bold, bright, brave stripes provide show stoppers.   Interesting pattern that is curated from archive collections but with a modern twist adds a multi-dimensional consumer purchase - something special with a story that adds value.  Pride in the major pattern purchase continues to grow.

Naturally coloured ranges that use no dyes and rely on the colour bank of the fleece, creates the environmental angle for those that adhere to interior style with ethical values embedded.  Texture - the undeniable asset of wool - is teased out of the yarn in every conceivable format - from the beautiful berbers with their crunchy appeal to the near hand knitted looks that create the homespun home from the floor up.

And what about the woven axminster and wilton manufactured carpets that use so much British Wool and which started our love of soft floors?  Well, they continue to thrive, setting the standard for quality, colour, iconic style and brilliant design for the floor - in cruise liners, casinos, luxury hotels and of course…the humble home.

In the hands of this innovative industry our raw wool is transformed into the best carpet in the world. At British Wool we are very proud of the part of our fibre plays within that!

For further information or to book tickets visit our website http://www.woolfloorshow.co.uk/

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