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British wool : natural, safe, healthy and great for kids!

This month, British Wool talks to Chris Tattersall, Managing Director of woolroom, to discover more about the benefits of British wool and why it’s such a great fibre to use in children’s products.

Tell us about the history of woolroom and the thinking behind the business.

woolroom was founded in 2008, aiming to support British sheep farmers and promote an amazing fibre. Our original plan was to offer products for all the rooms of the house but increasingly we found that our natural wool bedding and sleep related products resonated most with our customers.  Our ability to deliver machine washable bedding using British Downs wool was at the heart of this. 

Why do you think wool is a great fibre?

Wool is naturally flame retardant (avoiding the need for chemicals) but most importantly for us is its ability to manage moisture and regulate temperature and thus create a better night’s sleep.  Of course it is also natural, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable.

Why is good sleep so important for children?

Sleep is the critical phase of the day that allows the body to shut down and repair itself.  This is vital for young babies who undertake such significant growth in their early months.

How can wool products help children sleep better?

Wool is critical for ensuring that children sleep at the right temperature thus minimizing any disturbance.  Babies up to 6 months have no ability to regulate temperature and children up to around 9 or 10 years old may still struggle to regulate their temperature properly, particularly with synthetic mattresses and duvets.  Wool will absorb excess humidity and manage temperature 67% better than down/feather and 47% better than polyester bedding (University of Leeds/woolroom research).

Why do you choose British wool for your products?

We are passionate about using the right wool for the right product.  British wool, in our opinion, is the best wool in the world for bedding due to its micron and staple length.  We use lowland type downs breeds (for softness and malleability) such as Southdown, Texel, Suffolk and Oxford for our bedding, and hill type breeds (for durability) such as Swaledale and Scottish Blackface for our Nursery and Adult mattresses.

Do you have any new products in development?

We have just launched our new Babywool range of British wool filled washable baby sleeping bags along with our own range of organic British wool filled Nursery mattresses. The sleeping bags are the first wool filled sleeping bags that are genuinely washable and made from British wool.  Our research shows that they will manage temperature 25% better than the bestselling polyester filled brands.

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British wool : natural, safe, healthy and great for kids! woolroom has recently launched a new range of baby sleeping bags
woolroom offers a full range of child's bedding woolroom offers a full range of child's bedding