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British Wool: the role of effective POS in retail environments

At British Wool we understand how hard brands have to work to grab consumers' attention in competitive retail environments. That's why we're supporting manufacturers and retailers with a striking new range of merchandising and displays designed to clearly communicate the benefits of buying British wool. Graham Clark, British Wool’s Head of Marketing, explains more.

Part of a wider marketing strategy

We’ve recently developed a new marketing strategy at British Wool, which is all about taking the right messages directly to consumers. We’re adopting a multi-channel approach with specific focus on social media, consumer exhibitions and the actual retail environment the products are sold in. It’s vital that we target consumers directly as this will increase their awareness of the many benefits associated with a wool carpet - over and above the alternative products that are available.

We’ve developed our marketing channels to support the consumer journey – we’ll use our social media channels and website to drive consumer traffic into retailers, where our point of sale and display materials will help to stimulate interest, and ultimately, sales.

We’ve used our target consumer’s opinion to inform our new approach. We attended Grand Designs in Birmingham last October, where we conducted some market research. One of the areas we focused on were the main factors consumers take into consideration when purchasing a wool carpet.

Durability and appearance retention are key considerations when choosing a carpet, with our research indicating that consumers replace their carpet every 10-11 years. Wool, with its natural resilience, is the ideal choice as it will keep its shape and retain its appearance for longer than a synthetic carpet. There are also a number of other main selling features for wool carpets, with two in particular very relevant to our target consumers – fire resistant and hypoallergenic. Our research demonstrated that consumers considering purchasing a wool carpet were not aware of these benefits, highlighting an obvious gap in messaging.

Our new approach will ensure the features and benefits of wool carpets are clearly communicated, targeting consumers directly to pull demand through the retailer, ultimately increasing their wool carpet sales.

The role of effective POS

Effective point of sale and display material is a vitally important part of our new marketing strategy, grabbing the attention of consumers as they enter retail premises, and clearly communicating the benefits of purchasing a wool carpet. Seeing material like this at the point of purchase will reinforce other messages consumers may have received via social media or other marketing activities being conducted by both British Wool and carpet manufacturers.

Our new materials are designed to encourage consumers to upgrade to a wool carpet, clearly explaining the numerous benefits of wool, and supporting retailers in promoting the positive messages they are already communicating about wool carpets. Another area of key messaging will focus on the provenance of products. Increasingly, consumers are appreciating tradition, heritage, and the skill and craft involved in making something beautiful from natural fibres, and our new material clearly explains that this is at the heart of the product.

Currently, point of sale and displays within the retail arena are dominated by non-wool products, so our new materials will make sure consumers have all the information they need to make a better informed purchasing decision.

Interested in British Wool support?

British Wool is currently developing a full range of point of sale and display material, including display stands, printed literature, literature dispensers, strut cards and window stickers. If you’re interested in finding out more, email [email protected]

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British Wool: the role of effective POS in retail environments British Wool has recently launched a new range of POS materials
The range also includes strut cards, posters, leaflets and window stickers