Competitor's Diary

Competitor's Diary

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Entries taken on day

Contact: Mrs Catherine Crawford
Contact Address: Ballymena Showgrounds, Ballymena, BT43 7DR
Contact Telephone Number: 07720 827921
Contact Email: i.crawford124@btinternet.com
Website: http://www.ballymenashow.co.uk/

  • 27th May

    4.00pm Junior
    1st £80, 2nd £60, 3rd £50, 4th £40
    E.F. £12

    1st £80, 2nd £60, 3rd £50, 4th £40
    E.F. £12

    1st £100 2nd £70, 3rd £50, 4th £40
    E.F. £12

    1st £120, 2nd £80, 3rd £60, 4th £40
    E.F. £15

British Wool Promotion

Raising awareness amongst consumers about the unique benefits offered by the fibre.

Since its launch in 2010, The Campaign for Wool has influenced a new demand for wool on an international scale, and it’s efforts have seen an outstanding threefold increase in the price farmers receive for their wool.

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