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Expert advice on interior design: why choose British wool?

Considering an interior design project this year? Where should you start and what should you consider? Joanna Ramsden, Creative Director for Brockway Carpets, offers expert advice on making the right decisions about the most important element in your room – flooring.

“When we make decisions about decorating, we tend to leave the floor until last, which often means compromising on design or budget. Actually, when designing interiors, we should always start with the floor first – it will then be an integral part of our design and bring unity to the space.

Great interior design is about creating beautiful spaces and making a statement in our homes. So when it comes to flooring, complete flexibility – whatever your budget, taste, and requirements – is essential.

In my opinion, wool ticks every box! It’s the smartest and most creative choice for carpets, with so many options for colour, pattern and texture. And there’s a whole host of other benefits to consider too – it’s fire-resistant, hard-wearing, hypoallergenic and easy to care for. It feels great beneath your feet, and will look good for years to come.  

Because wool is so versatile, it can be produced to suit different price points. From affordable right through to pure luxury, there really is something for everybody. The source of the yarn is very influential in the final product, and because of the huge variety of British wool types, there’s a huge variety of options - from chunky bouclé’s, right through to the finest velvet finish. British wool is fantastic to work with because its qualities mean it looks great undyed, offering a beautiful, natural look.

I’m also involved in developing a new range of pure wool rugs, which are another interesting option – they’re a great statement and offer lots of flexibility in accessorising the home.

We’re living in a time where people appreciate tradition, heritage, and the skill and craft involved in making something beautiful from natural fibres. The wool we use is grown, collected and spun in this country, which is a great story in itself. My work is all about developing new and contemporary styles, but produced in a traditional way. A fashion statement, but in keeping with British heritage. The perfect combination!”

Joanna Ramsden

Joanna owns her own textile design consultancy and is currently Creative Director for Brockway Carpets, working closely with leading retail brands such as John Lewis. With a background in fine art and textile marketing, Joanna has worked for several global textile institutions as Colourist, Stylist and Designer across the flooring, furnishings and bedding industries, also setting up fashion brand labels in knitwear. Joanna champions the use of wool and is passionate about its many benefits.

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