Our mission is to drive sustainable demand for British wool in order to maximise returns for our members.

Marking up the value of your wool

Producers can add considerable value to their wool cheque if they follow British Wool’s advice about fleece presentation and marking.

British Wool, which represents UK wool producers, is holding a free of charge demonstration at NSA Scotsheep 2018, explaining the importance of proper fleece presentation, and how usage of the correct markers can preserve wool clip value.  All wool producers are invited to attend the demonstration, which will be held at 1.30 pm on 30th May at NSA Scotsheep, Kings Arms Farm, Ballantrae, in South Ayrshire.

Led by Billy Hewitson, Manager of British Wool’s Irvine Depot, the demonstration will explore the theme of excellence in wool handling and fleece preparation. Leanne Pullen, British Wool’s regional committee member for Dumfriesshire and Wool Handler, will demonstrate handling techniques – site preparation, fleece rolling and packing.

Raising awareness of appropriate marking techniques and products is one of the key themes covered in the demonstration, prompted by the recently relaunched Fleece Marker licensing scheme, a national project designed to help raise the quality of British wool and its value on world markets.

When the wool reaches the depot, a British Wool Grader assesses each individual fleece and grades it according to key characteristics such as fibre fineness, length, colour and strength. Proper preparation and presentation of the fleece can help enhance these characteristics - the better it is presented, the better the returns for the producer.

Billy Hewitson commented: “British Wool endorses and licenses wool markers that don’t permanently affect the wool. The approved markers that farmers should use come from manufacturers that have worked with us, and formulated their products thoroughly to ensure they can be washed out and scoured. If the British Wool mark is on the marker, your wool will be fit for the market!”

There are dozens of officially licensed marker sprays and crayon-based marking sticks widely available throughout the UK. These have been subject to tests carried out by Wool Testing Authority Europe (WTAE), an International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) accredited laboratory in North Wales. The IWTO is the international body representing the interests of the world's wool-textile trade and industry.


Notes to editors:

British Wool is based in Bradford and is owned by approximately 40,000 sheep farmers in the UK.  It collects, grades, sells and promotes British Wool to the international wool textile industry for use in flooring, furnishings and apparel.


British Wool Tested logo for sheep markers launched May 2018


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Marking up the value of your wool