Our mission is to drive sustainable demand for British wool in order to maximise returns for our members.

Maximise the Value of Your Wool

British Wool will host a workshop session at this year’s Borderway Agri-Expo, at Carlisle, on Friday November 2nd.  Aimed at all wool producers, sheep farmers, shepherds and shearers, it will be held immediately after judging in the sheep ring, approximately 1.30pm / 2pm.

Encompassing the themes of excellence in wool handling and fleece preparation, Billy Hewitson, British Wool’s Irvine Depot Manager, will discuss the characteristics of different fleece types, the key elements of wool handling such as on farm preparation, fleece rolling, presentation and packing, all of which are key to maximising the value of each fleece.

Prompted by the relaunched Fleece Marker licensing scheme, the workshop will also include details on the importance of using the appropriate marking techniques and products. 

Giving further background to this scheme, Billy said: “British Wool endorses and licenses wool markers that don’t permanently affect the wool and lower its value. The approved markers that farmers use should come from manufacturers that have worked with us to ensure they can be washed out and scoured which increases the uses for that wool.”

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Maximise the Value of Your Wool Fleece Presentation