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British Wool go 100% Platinum with New Logo

6 September 2010

British Wool has introduced a new logo to highlight 100% British Wool in products and as a partner to their existing Shepherd’s Crook mark.

The Platinum logo will be available to manufacturers that are buying 100% British Wool through the British Wool Marketing Board’s (BWMB) Platinum Certificate, which traces the wool from the wool auction through the processing chain and is signed off at each stage as 100% British Wool. British Wool bought under this scheme qualifies for the BWMB’s environmental Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) accreditation IS0 14040.

“We have a growing number of manufacturers that want to produce 100% British Wool products and make use of the environmental information and data within our LCA. The trend for both British origin wool and eco-credibility is very strong and we wanted to offer them a visible marketing statement to support their products in store.

“The new Platinum logo is simply an extension of our existing certification system that has been there for many years for the trade. We believe that many manufacturers now see this certification route as offering real marketing opportunity at consumer level particularly now that there is a growing emphasis on Green issues.” Ian Hartley, CEO of the British Wool Marketing Board said.

The new logo which will be available as a carpet label and a swing ticket will also be accompanied by a promotional leaflet which will define the 100% British Wool story for retailers and consumers.

Further information is available from the British Wool marketing team on 01274 688666 or marketing@britishwool.org.uk


Note to Editors

Image: Attached is the new Platinum British Wool logo to represent 100% traceable British Wool.

The image can be obtained by emailing – laurenboulton@britishwool.org.uk

Issued by: Bridgette Kelly, Public Relations Manager at BWMB – bridgettekelly@britishwool.org.uk

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