Brendan Kelly, elected as British Wool’s Northern Ireland Board Member.

Newly elected Board member for British Wool’s Northern Ireland Region

Brendan Kelly, who farms in Randalstown, Co Antrim, has been elected as British Wool’s Northern Ireland regional board member for a three year term, beginning on 1 April.

As well as being an active member of the UFU’s Beef and lamb committee, Brendan is also a member of the BISCA executive committee and a senior shearing judge as well as an advance shearer in his own right.

Farming in partnership with his two brothers, Brendan runs around 950 breeding ewes, including Mules and Romney, as well as 90 suckler cows on over 600 acres of grazing land.

On notification of the election results, Brendan said “Thank you for electing me as Board Member for Northern Ireland, I’m delighted and am looking forward to fulfilling the role representing producers in my region.  I’m very aware of the current uncertain challenges facing our industry but do believe as wool producers we’ll be in a stronger position if we all support and continue to raise the profile of British Wool.”

Brendan is very keen to promote the work British Wool does on behalf of sheep producers, especially those in his region. He is proud of British Wool's approach to shearing training and consumer marketing, and feels both the grading and wool auctions are important ways of adding value to our wonderful, natural product.


Notes to editors

For further information please contact:

Gareth Jones, Producer Communications Manager - 07590 355885 or garethjones@britishwool.org.uk


Lauren Boulton, Producer Communications Assistant - 01274 688666 or laurenboulton@britishwool.org.uk

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