‘We Three Sheep’ - Herdwicks in Cumbria. Photographer Chris Everard

The Stocklists December 2017

Stocklists December 2017

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The Twelve Ways of Wool-mas!

Christmas is a season that seems to come around faster and faster every year. Nevertheless, we all, to some extent embrace Christmas as the highlight of our winter season. Business often benefits too as house-proud homeowners are desperate to get the flooring all done before the critical deadline date!

With this in mind, the column this month reflects that old chestnut - ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’.  Bu this is a unique woolly spin - The Twelve Ways of Wool-mas - to capture those key points that make a wool carpet the very best present for the home!

Wool will look better for longer as it is seriously strong, bulky and robust!  Yes our first woolly way is all about appearance because Christmas carpets have too look good - even after the visitors have gone home.

Wool will resist spills - Christmas is is the time for making merry so you need to choose wisely!  Sometimes those little liquid top-ups and pretty canapés spill onto the floor - so our second woolly way is all about the miracle of a fibre that naturally repels liquid and allows you to promptly clean up and leave your carpet as good as before.

Comfort and good times - our third woolly way is all about comfort!  Admit it - we love to be pampered at Christmas! Wool has that super comfy, underfoot luxury - nothing matches it - so get your customers to take their shoes off and try it themselves!

Natural and good - you simply have to applaud Mother Nature for her woolly ways as wool and its many benefits are created naturally.  This Christmas we want to praise the sacred sheep for quietly growing this super fibre called wool!

Breathe easy - it is easy to forget that the atmosphere in homes can be a surprising - even scary -  hotbed of contaminants. So at Christmas the perfect gift is wool’s ability to absorb those and purify the air that our loved ones breathe.  Sound like a bit of Christmas magic?  Actually, its pure science!

Wool is warm - baby its cold outside…so the song says!  When we step inside we want warmth and coziness!  Wool is the original cozy fibre - there is nothing like coming home to wool after a cold journey.

Adaptable - Wool will also adjust with the seasons - so consumers can rely on it to keep their home at a ‘just-right’ temperature - winter and summer.  A miracle - it may seem like one but wool simply breathes and adjusts with the home in exactly the way it did on the sheep!

Good Value - the budget is always stretched at this time of year but evaluation of initial cost and long-term value are critical as its always best to pay a little bit more to gain a lot more!.  Wool will be the one that repays that wise value judgement over and over again.

Colour Perfection - colour clarity and definition - the amazing vitality of carpet colour banks reflects a choice that the wool industry can be really proud of.

Pattern - Stripes to swirls to geometrics to dots and florals - wool reflects creative carpet brands with great style and its strong enough to maintain that pattern even after lots of footfall.

Texture - people are loving the new styles of crunchy texture - loop styles are coming back with a vengeance and that woolly crimp creates the most amazing visual and tactile textures to put a real stamp of style on the home.

Sleep Safe - Christmas is when the tree goes up and the lights go on - very pretty but caution is critical.  So our final ‘Way of Wool-mas’ is safety - this is the true gift of wool.  It has a natural resistance to fire - making wool carpet a safer and more sensible carpet for the home.

We wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas and hope you celebrate the many amazing ‘Ways of Wool-mas’ in 2018!


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‘We Three Sheep’ - Herdwicks in Cumbria.  Photographer Chris Everard









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