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Wool clothing & apparel

British wool has been used for centuries to make quality cloth, producing unique and distinctive items of clothing for some of the world’s leading brands including Harris Tweed and Savile Row.


Using British wool in a fabric blend helps it withstand continuous wear, preventing creasing in key areas such as knees, elbows and seating. It also creates a beautiful handle and a crisp tailored look.


The tiny air pockets in wool fibre help to keep us warm in winter, and thanks to wool’s breathable qualities, also cool in summer. This fantastic quality makes wool clothing and apparel an incredibly versatile choice for the unpredictable British climate! 


Over 60 different British sheep breeds offer a huge range of natural colour shades and textures. Some breeds produce wool with a lustrous sheen, some are chunky and hardwearing, some are fine and soft; others are naturally coloured and produce distinctive effects when dyed. These natural features offer complete versatility when designing fabric for clothing and apparel.  

Discover the benefits of British wool in carpetsbedding, furniture, knitting and craft. You can also find your local stockist here.

Wool clothing & apparel British wool offers complete versatility for clothing & apparel