Information for consumers about British Wool Products

Wool beds & bedding

Wool beds and bedding are durable and also offer many health benefits, proven to help you sleep better and longer.

Regulates body temperature 

Wool has natural insulating and breathable properties that help to keep you warm or cool depending on the season. If you suffer from menopause-related night sweats and hot flushes, wool bedding can help you sleep better and longer. Wool fibre breathes naturally, absorbing moisture from the atmosphere, and then releasing it when the atmosphere is drier. So if you experience hot flushes or night sweats whilst sleeping, wool bedding can help to keep you cool by absorbing the moisture, allowing your body to maintain a balanced and even temperature during sleep.

Superior comfort

Wool's naturally soft, supportive fibres provide the ideal 'snuggle' factor, great for a perfect night's sleep!


Wool naturally inhibits bacteria, fungus and dust mites, which means it's a great choice for anyone suffering from allergies or breathing conditions. 

Read more about the science of wool and sleep. If you're experiencing symptoms related to the menopause, our blog explains how you can sleep better with British wool bedding. 

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