Wool product information

Why choose British wool carpets? 

A British wool carpet makes a practical and beautiful flooring choice for your home. Luxurious and soft underfoot, it has the potential to create more impact than almost any other element of decor, but it can also be used as a sumptuous yet subtle backdrop, adding the perfect finishing touch to any room. Here are five great reasons to choose British wool carpets:


A British wool carpet will bounce back quickly and keep its shape for longer than any other carpet. Wool has inherent spring and resilience, which means it recovers quickly from pressure, an ideal choice for busy areas in your home.

Fire Resistant

Wool fibre is naturally fire resistant, which means wool carpets are a safe choice for the family home. 

Easy to care for

Wool has a natural structure that shields against dirt, which means wool carpet is easy to maintain, offering natural resistance to spills so there’s no need to use harsh chemicals for cleaning. It doesn't get grubby easily, but if it does, it's very easy to clean. Wool carpets can also prevent pet odours, thanks to the ability of wool fibre to filter the air and absorb VOCs. 


A natural product, wool is a great insulator, absorbs noise and has excellent eco credentials. 


Wool acts as a natural air filter, and has the ability to absorb 'volatile organic compounds' (VOCs) in our work and home environments. Research suggests that installing wool carpets, curtains and soft furnishings could actually improve air quality, which means it’s perfect for anyone suffering from allergies or breathing conditions.

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