Information for consumers about British Wool Products

About Charl Knitwear

Charl Knitwear is a British knitwear brand who prides itself sustainable on ethical sourcing and production, creating beautiful pieces of clothing and accessories designed to last a lifetime.

Its founder, Frankie Davies is an experienced luxury knitwear designer with a passion for ethical and ecological processes and a fascination with conserving our cultural heritage and craftsmanship in order to keep this knowledge alive and relevant for future generations.

Their British Wool products have all been accredited 100% British Wool certification

Their products include the following jumpers: Goffin (£195.00), Chibbles (£295.00) and Cutty (£325.00).

The Rook shawl (£425.00) and Hardingham scarf (£165.00) are also made from 100% certified British wool.