Wool product information

Why use British wool in craft?

British wool is a superior, natural fibre, ideal for use in a wide range of craft activities thanks to a special combination of bulk, resilience, softness and texture. 

Great for felting

Wool is made of individual fibres, and when treated for felting with soap and water, the fibres shrink and cling together. Applying friction increases the 'matting' of the fibre and felt is the result. Wool from different breeds of British sheep can offer great variety in creative texture and finish. Jacob wool has lots of natural bulk and texture, with a choice of beautiful, natural colours. Herdwick wool is coarse, so adds fantastic texture to a finished piece.


Over 60 different British sheep breeds offer a huge range of natural colour shades and textures, offering more character than any other type of wool.  

Colour absorbent

Wool is known to have the highest capacity to absorb and hold dye, lending true depth and creating a beautiful, long-lasting appearance.


Wool is grown, not made in a lab, so won’t end up in landfill.

Discover the benefits of British wool in carpetsbedding, apparel, knitting and furniture. You can also find your local stockist here.  

Wool & craft British wool offers great versatility for craft activities