Information for consumers about British Wool Products

British wool facts - did you know? 

Test your wool knowledge with ten interesting facts about the history of British wool and British sheep breeds. 

  1. Fossilised remains suggest that sheep evolved between 10 and 20 million years ago in the mountains of Central Asia.
  2. Sheep were introduced to the UK in 4000 BC by Neolithic settlers.
  3. There are 15 million sheep in the UK.
  4. On average, each sheep fleece produces over 2kg of wool.
  5. There are over 60 pure breeds of sheep in the UK.
  6. Sheep are shorn every 12 months, and grow a new fleece each year, meaning wool is totally renewable! 
  7. British wool carpets are the number one choice in commercial settings (hotels, airports, cruise ships).
  8. There are over 35,000 wool producing farms in the UK.
  9. Wool can be extended up to 70% of its natural length - and still spring back into shape. Great for carpets, clothing and many other applications
  10. Wool can regulate body temperature naturally because it can absorb and desorb heat and humidity. 

If you would like to find out more about British sheep breeds, view our breed book for more information about types of wool, breeds and their uses. Visit our stockist locator to find your nearest retailer of British Wool products. 

Facts about British sheep breeds and British wool How much do you know about British wool?