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Wool bedding offers a number of health benefits, with scientific research demonstrating that sleeping with wool can dramatically improve the length and quality of your sleep. Wool duvets help provide the perfect sleeping environment – the ultimate in temperature regulated comfort.

Temperature regulating

A wool duvet feels light, but insulates very effectively at the same time. British wool is designed to protect British sheep in all kinds of weather conditions, and the fibres naturally help to trap air, effectively maintaining a comfortable ambient temperature. 

As well as a natural ability to insulate, wool can also release excess heat, managing the moisture content in the air to keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep. For this reason, a wool duvet is a great all seasons choice, bridging our sometimes unpredictable seasonal temperatures to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

These natural qualities also mean that wool bedding is a great choice for babies. Babies use large amounts of energy to stay warm if they are in a cold environment or dressed inadequately. Wool helps babies keep up the energy reserves they need, whilst reducing the risk of overheating.

Individual sleeping environments

Wool bedding effectively supports individual sleeping environments because it regulates temperature so effectively. So if your partner is a cold sleeper and you’re a warm sleeper, a wool duvet can create a comfortable sleeping environment for you both at the same time.

Ultimate comfort

Quality wool duvets have superb natural drape, feeling lightweight across the body, but perfect to snuggle into on colder nights, providing the ultimate comfort whilst sleeping.

Easy to look after

Regular airing is all that is required to refresh a wool duvet, although they can be washed if a deeper clean is needed – check the care instructions on your product label for directions. The wool used in quality wool duvets is carefully crafted into a single permanent piece in a process known as ‘needling’. This means that quality wool duvets do not require shaking and do not clump.

Read more about the benefits of British wool bedding in our blog with Devon Duvets, a licensed product manufacturer. You can also find your local British Wool bedding stockist here.

Wool duvets Wool duvets help provide the perfect sleeping environment