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Wool fabric

Wool fabric is incredibly versatile thanks to the many natural features and benefits of wool fibre. A sustainable and renewable option, wool fabric is used for clothing, furniture and other interior products, offering practicality, beauty and versatility across different types of products.  

Resilient and durable

Inside every single wool fibre there’s a spring-like structure, which allows it to return to its natural shape, even after being stretched by up to 30%. This complex structure continually resists flattening and damage from stretching, reducing wear, preventing sagging and allowing fabric to hang beautifully.


Wool is a safe and practical option for interior schemes. Naturally fire resistant and hypoallergenic, wool fibre has the ability to absorb and lock away pollutants like volatile organic compounds (VOCs), often found in cleaning products, paint, glue and furniture. This feature allows wool products to clean the air around you, resulting in a healthier environment.

Easy to clean

Wool is very easy to maintain, with a natural resistance to dirt and stains. The natural oils and scaled structure of wool fibre keeps dust and dirt from penetrating into the fibre, meaning a better appearance is maintained for longer. The scales on the outside of wool fibre cause liquids to bead up and stay on the surface, helping to keep wool products stain free.

Naturally anti-static

Wool is naturally anti-static because of its ability to hold moisture, which means it will not build up an electric charge. This feature offers benefits for clothing and interior furnishings - wool garments won’t cling, and since static attracts dirt, lint and dust, wool cloth used for furnishings stays cleaner for longer.

Beautiful colours

Wool absorbs dyes deeply, locking colour within its fibres, to produce beautiful hues with a rich and natural bloom that remains colourfast. From fine, silky smooth fabrics to chunky textural weaves, wool offers a natural, subtle lustre that synthetic fibres struggle to replicate.

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Wool fabric Wool absorbs dyes deeply, locking colour within its fibres. Photo - Harris Tweed