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Wool pillows

Wool bedding has been scientifically proven to help you sleep better and longer, offering many health-related benefits across the product range. Wool pillows offer the ultimate in luxurious comfort – soft and supportive, breathable and easy to care for.

Soft & supportive

British wool is naturally springy and bouncy, which makes it a great fibre for use in pillows, providing soft comfort and effective support for your head and neck. Wool pillows are available in different sizes and also different options to suit individual sleep preferences – soft, medium and firm.


Wool has the ability to breathe naturally, which helps to regulate your body temperature during sleep. Wool fibre is hygroscopic, which means it has the ability to absorb moisture, releasing it again when the atmosphere is drier. This is a fantastic practical benefit for pillows, which are exposed to moisture on a daily basis while we sleep.

Naturally clean and easy to care for

Wool is a naturally clean fibre, resisting mould, mildew and bacteria and controlling odour through the absorption of moisture. Wool pillows are very easy to care for, simply needing regular airing to maximise life and performance. Wool pillows can also be washed if required, simply check the care instructions on your product label for directions. Read more about caring for wool bedding.


Licensed British wool bedding manufacturers Devon Duvets offer an innovative folding pillow, which allows you to choose how much neck and back support you want whilst you sleep by rolling one section on top of the others to provide extra support as required. This flexible, multi-functional pillow can be unfolded for airing and is also perfect for travel - it can even be used to line your suitcase! Find your nearest Devon Duvets stockist here.

We always recommend that British wool bedding is used with natural bedding covers – such as cotton – to enhance the breathable, natural benefits.

Read more about the science behind British wool bedding products in our interview with Graham Ormondroyd, Head of Materials Research at Bangor University. You can also find your local British Wool bedding stockist here

Wool pillows Wool pillows are soft and supportive, breathable and easy to care for