A story of wool from farm to product


Each year we receive many hundreds of requests for information about wool, sheep and related subjects. We are very happy to talk about sheep all day long, so we created this section of our website to do just that!

We hope you find that the resources offered on our learning pages valuable to your teaching. The information has been developed to be used as part of a project using sheep and wool as context, but also to be of use to teachers not wishing to commit to a full project.

Developed with teachers, the material provided includes: information about British wool, activities which can be used to support learning in a variety of subjects, assembly ideas, classroom display printouts, worksheets, fact sheets, games and online interactive resources for use on whiteboards, personal computers and tablets.

Project learning

It is believed that project learning helps to engage and motivate children to enjoy lessons in a variety of subject areas. Giving a context to lessons can encourage pupils to more easily apply aspects of learning from one subject to another and to motivate them to enjoy lessons in which they might usually struggle. Achievements are often given a significant boost when introducing learning through topics or contexts.

The topic of farms, sheep and wool will encourage children to think more carefully about where every day items come from and to increase understanding of the importance of local and national produce. Skills will be transferred across their learning and allied to everyday life. Project based material helps to engage pupils in their learning and provides teachers with a basis from which to teach any subject and to link into a variety of curriculum areas.

We hope you find the information and resources on this website valuable to your teaching, but most of all we hope that you and the pupils you teach enjoy them.

What you will find on the website

The resources featured on this website have been organised into age groups - early years, ages 5 to 7 and ages 7 to 11. These categories are designed to be a guide, and you may find a crossover in abilities and wish to display all the resources to decide which ones are most suitable for your class.

You can view 'all ages' by selecting any age range from the homepage and then by clicking on the 'all ages' option at the top of that menu page.

The resources menus are laid out in boxes with the title of the resource, a brief description of the content and information about the resource type. The material includes teaching notes, worksheets, lesson ideas, online learning activities and games. Ideas for how online activities can be incorporated into lessons can be found by using the supporting lesson notes in most instances.

Further Information