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Collecting, grading, marketing and selling great British fleece wool.

British Wool (formerly British Wool Marketing Board) is owned by approximately 40,000 sheep farmers in the UK. We collect, grade, market and sell British wool on behalf of our producers to the international wool textile industry for use in flooring, furnishings and apparel.

Wool that has been through our grading system is quality assured and fit for purpose. Products bearing our distinctive logo of the shepherd’s crook and Union Jack are British wool rich - a mark that consumers can trust.

The Board consists of the CEO, CFO and nine elected non-executive producer members, representing nine different areas of the UK and two non-executive appointees from senior industry backgrounds with relevant functional expertise. The non-executive Chairman of the board is one of the nine elected non-executive producer members. The Chairman is elected by a majority decision of the non-executive board members. The board reviews and ratifies the business' strategy, major business initiatives (including capital expenditure) and monitors the performance of the business and executive team.

Below the board, the Executive Committee develops strategy, drives key commercial initiatives and manages the day to day operations of the business.

Every non-executive producer board member is supported by a committee of elected members who represent producers in the counties within that board member’s region. These regional committees market the value add and communicate changes at British Wool to its producer base, as well capturing the views of producers generally about British Wool to feedback to the board.

The Head Office is in Bradford, with regional offices in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.