Our mission is to drive sustainable demand for British wool in order to maximise returns for our members.

British Wool Services

British Wool’s service to the UK sheep sector includes:

Shearing and wool handling training

As the approved training provider for shearing and wool handling courses in the UK, British Wool has a training programme in place to support the next generation of shearers and wool handlers in learning and developing a vital traditional rural skill.


Once the wool has been delivered, every fleece is individually assessed, which determines the grade and quality. Grading every fleece adds value for our members as this separates the better quality wool from the poorer, with the better quality achieving a higher price.


All British wool is independently tested for micron, colour and dry yield (the latter is the weight left after the wool is scoured and washed) before it can sold at auction. Testing the wool to international standards gives buyers confidence in the high quality of British wool.


The auction system is a tried and tested method of selling products off the farm. British wool is sold across 18 auctions throughout the year, which enables us to feed wool onto the market in a controlled way to maximise its value and reduce the risk around price volatility in the global market.

Marketing & promotion

Increasing demand for British wool secures the long term future of the fibre. As an organisation, British Wool works collaboratively with manufacturers and retailers to raise consumer awareness of the unique characteristics, benefits and features of British wool.