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Rosie Keenan

Where are you from?

Near Lochearnhead. Currently… Strathaven, Sutherland, Scotland



Details of your farm/shearing business

Small croft on the north of Scotland. Partner Shears and I wool handle in Scotland and Norway. Self-employed Shepard work.

My personal and professional achievements

Winning Scottish circuit, a couple times. 2nd in the world in France, 1st place in 2023 world champs. 3rd place team Scotland with Audrey. Always got a “go for it” attitude.

How long have you been farming?

Since I took a step back from Wool handling in 2020 to go shepherding.

Why Farming?

I love being outside and working with my dogs. Living off the land.

Proudest moment in shearing/wool handling

Winning individual 2 world champion in 2023 at the Royal Highland Show.

Why did you want to be a British Wool ambassador?

I am very passionate about wool and teaching people. I am hoping I can make a difference and change people’s attitudes.

Who has been your inspiration?

Jayne Harkness-Bones from Ulster Wool as she does it all, farming, woolhandling, worship of woolmen, teaching the school kids about wool.