Our mission is to drive sustainable demand for British wool in order to maximise returns for our members.


Wool should be delivered to British Wool in wool sheets.

These will be distributed by your local depot ahead of the new wool season. If you need wool sheets please contact your local depot directly.

To aid operations in our depots we ask that wool sheets are evenly filled and well packed. When properly packed, wool sheets should hold approximately 80kg of wool. This will however vary depending on wool type.

Use of a packing frame can help ensure that all sheets are evenly packed. These can be purchased from British Wool or improvised using a couple of farm gates / hurdles as shown below.


Every year British Wool handles approximately 24 million kg of wool, in half a million wool sheets, from almost 35,000 producers.

As such it is essential that all wool is clearly labelled by the member. All wool sheets should be clearly labelled with the following; 

  • Member's name
  • Address
  • Registration number - this is an unique seven digit to each member

Sheet labels are provided for this purpose with the wool sheets. One label should be attached to the outside of each wool sheet and another inserted in the sheet with the wool.

If using a haulier, please complete paperwork provided.

If your wool is not clearly identifiable it is much more challenging for British Wool to ensure that you are paid correctly.