Our mission is to drive sustainable demand for British wool in order to maximise returns for our members.

Your wool

At British Wool, our mission is to create a quality mark, recognised by consumers for superior product performance while creating a fairer deal for members.

This means we’re working hard to increase consumer demand for British wool, targeting the whole supply chain using various methods including exhibitions and events, social media, and point of sale materials in retail premises. All this activity is ultimately designed to deliver a better return for you.

What happens to your wool?

Wool from our members is graded at one of our depots. Individual clips are amalgamated to create commerical graded lots for sale by auction, which ensures a regular supply of large weights of wool of uniform type and quality for the international textile industry.

Here’s a few points to remember when sending your wool to us:

  • Pack your wool sheet full – this will mean that your transport costs less.
  • Consider working with your neighbours to combine transport – again, this will mean that your transport costs less.
  • Send your wool in to us as soon as it is shorn – storing it means you risk exposing it to damp conditions or damage, which will decrease its value

To book in your wool, please contact your local Depot or Drop Off point. Access our depot network here.