Competitor's Diary

Competitor's Diary

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Southern Shears UK results:

1st Stuart Connor
2nd Ethan Pankhurst
3rd Ed Gingell
4th Scott Gerke
5th Malcolm Sweeney

1st Darren ALexander
2nd Alex Gilmore
3rd Stewart Bourne
4th Ed Goodfellow
5th Ewen McDonald

1st Sam Davison
2nd Susie Parish
3rd Jason Clay
4th George Dallway
5th Marie Prebble

1st Marie Prebble
2nd Claire Sweeney
3rd Harry Bishop
4th George Dallaway
5th Jack Mighall

1st Danny Wilson
2nd Laura Charnock
3rd Grant Roffey
4th Charlie Seale
5th Tom Woodroof

1st Marie Prebble
2nd Susie Parish
3rd Jolene Cutting
4th Claire Sweeney

1st George Mudge
2nd Danny Wilson
3rd Andrew Wear
4th Timothy Collins

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