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Innovation Yarn

Airspun Wool

Airspun wool yarns are created by feeding fibres into a spinning machine that uses compressed air to blow the fibres together into a knitted chain. This unique process results in air being trapped between the fibres which creates a lofty and lightweight yarn.

Applying this technology to British wool fibres can help improve the handle and drape when used in high quality, knitted apparel that is much softer and more comfortable to wear, while still retaining the natural warmth and durability of British wool.

Innovating with British wool can help drive demand for the fibre and thus increase the value of the wool for British sheep farmers.


Luxury Wool Blends

Luxury fibres such as silk, cashmere and alpaca are known for their softness, sheen and drape, which when blended with British wool, can help elevate the handle and perception of the yarn. Combining these fibres with British wool can create yarns that have a luxurious handle yet are additionally durable and strong.

British wool is a versatile fibre, with a real heritage story, which serves as a perfect complement to luxury fibres.

Provenance is highly valued in the luxury market as it represents a guarantee of quality, authenticity, and exclusivity. Luxury consumers are willing to pay a premium for products that are made from materials that can be traced back to their source, this is something British wool can offer under its iconic Shepherds Crook Mark logo.

By utilising British wool, the end brands can effectively market its multitude of benefits, including high animal welfare standards, low environmental impact, supply chain transparency, renewability and sustainability.

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Recycled Blend

Blending recycled fibre content with British wool is an inevitable approach to sustainable yarn production that responds to the industry’s need to reduce waste. The textile industry generates a significant amount of waste, and recycling has become increasingly important as the consumer demands more sustainable and ethical production. By using recycled fibre content, the fashion industry can minimise textile waste and reduce its reliance on non-biodegradable synthetic materials.

The resulting yarn is versatile, durable and soft, making it an excellent choice for a variety of products.

The innovation offers a sustainable and ethical alternative to non-renewable synthetic yarns and contributes towards the industry’s efforts towards reducing waste.

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Testament to the ingenuity and skill of textile manufacturers, using this unique spinning technique and high-quality materials, this yarn provides a luxurious, sustainable, and versatile option for designers and consumer alike.

This wool chainette yarn is made on a spinning machine that knits, rather than twists, a component yarn to form a hollow tubular structure. This gives it a unique texture and feel; that is light, airy and voluminous.

The use of British wool in this type of yarn is particularly noteworthy, as it showcases the exceptional quality and versatility of this natural fibre. By leveraging the benefits of British wool such as its durability, warmth and natural moisture-wicking properties, this wool chainette yarn is an ideal choice for creating luxurious, high-quality garments and accessories.

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Twist Effects

British wool and mohair twist yarn is a luxurious and versatile yarn that combines the unique properties of two exceptional fibres. Unlike blended yarns, which combines fibre before twisting together different permutations of fibre content and component yarns that when combined can enhance and compliment the characteristics of the final yarn. This creates a yarn that has both a beautiful handle, while the twist construction adds further strength and durability.

British Wool certifies products with a minimum of 50% British wool content, meaning that the exploration of fibre blends is endless! This yarn is a great option for designers and consumers who are looking for exceptional quality and responsible sourcing.


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