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British Wool Sales auction reports are added after every auction sale. The latest reports are available to view and download below. 


Sale BW178 - 20th February 2024

British Wool saw slightly weaker demand in the sale on 20th February and as such opted to take wool back into stock rather than cut prices.  For the catalogue as a whole prices were firm to buyers’ favour, the index was down by less than 1% with a clearance of 72%. Read More.

Sale BW177 - 6th February 2024

The British Wool sale on 6th February had a high clearance with prices generally firm to dearer.  Demand for core grades of white wool was strong, with better Medium and Mule wools trading up to 3% dearer.  Poorer colour lots were less sought after and traded off a couple of percent.  A wider selection of Mountain wools sold than of late, albeit at low price levels. Read More.

Sale BW176 - 23rd January 2024

The British Wool sale on 23rd January got off to a more tentative start, but it soon became apparent that there was still solid demand for core grades of white wool.  Overall the market was firm with core grades trading a couple of percent dearer.  Bidding on lots with poorer colour was more subdued with these types generally trading 2% to 3% cheaper.  Demand for Mountain wools remains weak, a selection of these types was sold at a slight discount to last price. Read More.

Sale BW175 - 9th January 2024

British Wool’s first sale of 2024 saw prices strengthen for several core types with consistent demand across the catalogue.  Medium, Romney, Mule and Cheviot types were generally up by around 3%. Fine and Blackface wools were firm.  Mountain wools were the only segment with weak demand with prices for Welsh and Swaledale in the Buyers favour where sold.  Only a small volume of wool being taken back into stock. Read More.

Sale BW174 - 12th December 2023

British Wool saw prices hold firm in BW174 on 12th December.  Medium and Mule types were generally dearer whereas Fine and Blackface wools were in the buyers’ favour.  Demand for Mountain types was better than in recent sales and the auction team took less of this wool back into stock. The offer amounted to 1,126 tonnes spread over 159 lots.  Of this, 1,038 tonnes spread over 144 lots sold.  British Wool achieved a clearance of 92.2% and the 15 lots which were taken back into stock were generally speciality types. Read More.

Sale BW173 - 21st November 2023

British Wool consolidated the gains seen over recent sales in BW173.  Combing types saw good competition trading around 5% higher, better quality carpet wools traded around 2% dearer, but demand for Mountain types and oddments was lacking with many of these lots taken back into stock. The offer amounted to 1,123 tonnes spread over 157 lots and included the first Organic certified lots of the season.  Of this, 949 tonnes spread over 127 lots sold.  Across the catalogue British Wool achieved a clearance of 84.5%. Read More.

Sale BW172 - 7th November 2023

Demand remained strong and prices for British Wool strengthened in BW172.  Prices for Fine, Medium, Mule, Cheviot and Cheviot Cross were 3% to 5% dearer.  Blackface and Welsh Mountain were 2% dearer and Swaledale was fully firm where sold. The offer amounted to 1,136 tonnes spread over 155 lots of which 1,099 tonnes (150 lots) sold.  Across the catalogue as a whole British Wool achieved a 96.7% clearance. Read More.

Sale BW171 - 17th October 2023

British Wool saw continued strong demand in BW171.  Prices for Fine, Medium, Mule, Cheviot and Hill wools were 5% to 10% dearer and Mountain wools were fully firm.  All registered buyers were active in the sale. The offer amounted to 1,070 tonnes spread over 149 lots of which 1,023 tonnes (139 lots) sold.  Across the catalogue as a whole British Wool achieved a 95.6% clearance. Read More.


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