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2/8 Nm 100% Cheviot

2/8 Nm Cheviot x Nettle

2/8 Nm Cheviot x Soy

2/9 Nm Teeswater x BFL

A radical wool collective, enabling the sourcing and creation of yarn with breed specific British wool carefully sourced directly from British farmers working through British Wool’s traceability scheme. We nurture lasting relationships with farmers, mills and manufacturers that have similar ethical ethos.

By showcasing the natural diversity and potential for different tactile qualities of sheep breeds across the UK we can create change through positive collaboration with a cultural and environmental impact.

Working from the ground up, we develop quality yarns that empower all those involved from farming the raw materials through to end users. Using our knowledge of British sheep breed characteristics we create single-breed fully traceable yarns, and also experiment with blending natural fibres together with British wool. Blending Nettle and Soy with Cheviot fleece champions a natural alternative to using synthetics additives. Our yarns are all tested for commercial grade knitting machines but have also been dyed and used in hand knitting yarns creating a versatile collection.

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