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Wool Auction Sales Reports

British Wool Sales auction reports are added after every auction sale. The latest reports are available to view and download below. 

Sale BW147 - 16th August 2022

British Wool saw selected demand for wool in BW147 and took wool back into stock on the types where there was no significant competition.  With end users on holiday and alternative supplies available on the market British Wool has no need to sell at this point in the season, particularly given that last season’s wool is more than 99% sold. Read More.

Sale BW146 - 26th July 2022

BW146 had a total offering of 1.128 million kilos in 174 lots, 266 tons of the offering was prior season wool with the rest being new season. The total weight sold was 829 tons of which 196 ton was prior season, this leaves approximately. 200 tonnes of last season’s wool still to be sold.  This will all be offered in the sale on the 16th August. The total clearance achieved was 73%.  This is the lowest clearance for several months but reflects factors such as both UK scouring facilities being closed for their summer shutdowns plus the majority of the European countries being only days away from their annual August shutdown. Read More.

Sale BW145 - 5th July 2022

BW145 comprised the last significant offering of old season wool coupled with British Wool’s first offering of new season wool.  The offer comprised 205 lots with a total weight of 1,129 tonnes; this included 51 lots of new season wool with a total weight of 416 tonnes and 154 lots of old season wool with a total weight of 713 tonnes. Read More.

Sale BW144 - 7th June 2022

British Wool achieved a 96% clearance in BW144.  Price trends were similar to the prior sale with better coloured wools generally firm to dearer and poor colour / small end of season lots in the buyers favour.  Organic certified lots continue to attract a significant premium.  In total 1.238m kg of wool sold at an average greasy price of 82.1p per kg (excluding Daggs).  The index was up 1% sale on sale. Read More.

Sale BW143 - 17th May 2022

British Wool achieved a 96% clearance on an increased offering of wool in BW143.  Prices were generally firm with better coloured wools up to 3% dearer.  Prices for poor colour lots and small end of season lots weakened.  Organic certified lots continued to be well sought after and attracted a significant premium.  Almost 1.4m kg of wool sold making this the largest sale of British Wool for more than a year. Read More.

Sale BW142 - 26th April 2022

British Wool saw healthy demand in BW142 despite the current economic concerns.  Prices were generally firm to the buyers’ favour; speciality types and Organic certified lots were well sought after but some poor colour and small end of season lots attracted limited interest.  The clearance was 91% with over 1.1m kg of wool sold. Read More.

Sale BW141 - 12th April 2022

British Wool saw healthier demand in BW141 but economic concerns are still clearly having an impact on market confidence.  Prices were generally in the buyers’ favour however the clearance recovered to 87% with over 1.1m kg of wool sold.  The average greasy price of 80.0p per kg reflected the mix of wools sold.  Encouragingly the demand for speciality types and organic wool remained strong. Read More.

Sale BW140 - 22nd March 2022

British Wool saw softer demand in BW140 with economic concerns resulting in slightly weaker market confidence than we have seen in recent sales.  Prices were generally in the buyers’ favour and the clearance fell back to 79%. The average greasy price of 87.2p per kg reflected a higher quality offering of wools and that demand for speciality types and organic wool remained strong. Read More.




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