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BW44 - 7th November 2017

Average Price Indicator (greasy) Indicator (clean) Offered Sold Clearance Current Season's Cumulative Price
million kgs
million kgs
40% 103

Key points - The British Wool index fell 0.6% sale on sale to £1.488 clean. Total weight sold 0.824m kg Clearance 40.0% Average clean price 139.5p Average clean price YTD 150.0p Average greasy price 94.7p Average greasy price YTD 102.4p Commentary - The Wool Sales Manager was unable to attend the sale at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances and, in light of this, the decision was taken to limit our usual selling discretion. Consequently the Bidding approach of a number of buyers was different from normal. Overall pricing at the sale held firm on an artificially low clearance. The British Wool Index, which gives a like for like measure of price and which we have been using for internal purposes since the start of the season, fell by just 0.5% versus the prior sale. The index reading was 1.488 in BW44 versus 1.496 in BW43. We intend to focus on this measure as our preferred price indicator (rather than average price) from the start of the next season. The mix was relatively poor. 36% of the wool sold had a high micron score (>35) – this compares to an average of 24% in the first seven sales of the year. Just 11% of wool sold was at the finer end of the range (<32). The poor mix weighed on the average auction price which dropped to 140p per kg clean from 149p per kg last sale. Curtis bought less than half of its usual weight purchasing 327,833kg (352,219kg including IOM wool). This was slightly below the 329,803kg acquired by Standard. Modiano bought 55,382kg and G.S. Wools bought 77,478kg, its highest total year to date. H. Dawson by contrast saw its weight drop significantly, acquiring 21,424kg against its more normal level of ~160,000kg. Clegg Wools bought 8,138kg and Kent Premier bought 4,107kg. The total weight sold amounted to 824,165kg (848,551 including IOM) and as such we are now slightly behind where we were at the equivalent point last season.

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