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What is the Shepherd's Crook Mark?

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British Wool operates a brand partner scheme, which helps consumers to easily identify products with a genuinely high content of British wool.

Our manufacturing partners join our scheme, so we vet each product through the entire supply chain to ensure the products have a high British wool content.

Click here to find out more about the criteria for different product ranges.



  • You can use the British Wool partner branding on your products and marketing material.
  • You will benefit from British Wool’s new consumer marketing strategy which is designed to promote high content British wool products to end users.
  • We will promote your brand and products through our social media platforms.
  • Your brands and products will be promoted through our consumer exhibitions.
  • Our new retail displays and point of sale will be designed to promote our brand partners and products.
  • Partners will have a dedicated page on our website, with the ability to promote new products, events and also links to social media channels. We will be driving significant consumer traffic to the site, therefore bringing additional benefits for our partners.





In order to qualify for the new scheme, a brand will need to submit the list of product ranges you wish to be considered for partner status.

Our details will be entered on to our on-line system, which will automatically contact the relevant people in the supply chain to fully vet the British wool content of the individual product ranges.

This information is held on a secure server and is managed by a professional third party data warehousing company. No-one else in the supply chain (including British Wool) has access to this information.

Once the product has satisfied the criteria, we will contact you to confirm and supply the relevant marketing collateral.




Do you have a news story you’d like to share with us? A new product launch, new product photography, event or achievement? Complete the form to send the details to our Marketing team, and we’ll review for publication on our website and social media channels.








Online supply chain verification

License activation

Access to licensee benefits

British Wool

Annual licensee renewal

To begin your application please downlad and complete the application form,

The application must be started by the end brand and no one else in the supply chain.

Please return the completed form to [email protected]

Once your application has been reviewed, you will be given access to the DJS online platform to verity your product details.




Once the supply chain verfication is complete, you will receive:

  • Licensing agreement

  • Annual licensing invoice

Upon successful completion of the application process British Wool will issue the relevant assets including the Shepherd's Crook Mark product logo.




Upon receipt of your assets (e.g. logo and images) you will have access to all British Wool's marketing support including:

  • Listing on British Wool 's website

  • Promotion on social media

  • Promotion at consumer shows

A British Wool licensee is based on an annual license renewal.

We will send you relevant information one month before your renewal date.