British Wool Trade

British Fleece Wool Price Indicator

The table below provides an overview of prices from recent auctions.


A British Wool auction A British Wool auction


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Sales Number         Date                         Price (Greasy)               Price (Clean)                
BW110 17/11/20 55p/Kg 81p/Kg
BW109 03/11/20 57p/Kg  84p/Kg
BW108 20/10/20 56p/Kg 81p/Kg
BW107 07/10/20 52p/Kg 76p/Kg
BW106 22/09/20 52p/Kg 74p/Kg
BW105 08/09/20 50p/Kg 73p/Kg
BW104 25/08/20 52p/Kg 75p/Kg
BW103 11/08/20 53p/Kg 78p/Kg
BW102 28/07/20 51p/Kg 76p/Kg
BW101 14/07/20 54p/Kg 81p/Kg
BW98 30/06/20 51p/Kg 77p/Kg
BW97 16/06/20 55p/Kg 81p/Kg
BW91 24/03/20 66p/Kg N/A
BW90 10/03/20 70p/Kg 106p/Kg
BW89  25/02/20 74p/Kg 112p/Kg
BW88 11/02/20 76p/Kg 119p/Kg
BW87 21/01/20 87p/Kg 128p/Kg
BW86 07/01/20 86p/Kg 129p/Kg