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Point of sale material

Our new range of in-store point of sale material has been specifically created for the carpet industry, aiming to educate consumers on the many benefits of purchasing a British wool carpet. The material is both contemporary and fresh, designed to support and stimulate conversations in-store. 

“The new point-of-sale is already making a difference in our store – it’s been in place for 2 weeks, and we’ve already had 2 sales on British wool products!”
Phil Langley, Pocklington Carpets, York

“British Wool’s new point of sale helps promote our company’s 55 year-long belief that British wool is the best material for carpets. It looks great in our showroom and provokes a positive talking point with our customers in store.”
Leon Winder, Winders Carpets, Bradford

“The finest quality products are made using the finest quality raw materials. British Wool’s new point of sale material explains this to customers simply and effectively, helping them understand the story behind British wool carpets, and why they’re the ideal choice.”
James Browne, Rodgers of York

“It’s great to have some new marketing material to promote British wool carpets. The new point of sale is attractive and modern, appealing to a wide target audience, including the younger generation. We need to target this group of consumers more effectively, so having some eye-catching material to support the conversation is fantastic.”
Ian Spence, Lunds of Otley

“The new point of sale materials look great in store, they’re attractive, good quality and thought-provoking and will create a definite talking point for our customers. They have a simple, clear message, and it’s great to be able to support sales conversations with engaging, modern materials.”
Graham Tidswell, Carpet Time, Bingley

For more information, and to order materials, please contact our Marketing team - [email protected]

British Wool's range of in-store point of sale material British Wool's range of in-store point of sale material


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