British Wool Trade

British Wool Yarn Collection

In the UK we have the most diverse range of sheep in the world with over 60 different breeds.

At British Wool we grade all of the wool we receive into approximately 100 different grades, these unique grades allow buyers to ensure the wool they are purchasing and using in their products is fit for the end application.

Sheep farms in the UK are on average much smaller than those in other major wool growing nations with an average flock size of between 250 and 300 sheep with an average greasy fleece weight of 2 kgs per sheep. Within an average flock the farmer could have 10-20 different grades of wool, this is unique to the UK as many other major wool growing nations would only have a handful of different grades.

It is crucial to understand how different farming in the UK is to other major wool growing nations when looking at the different frameworks that are available as many are simply not feasible or indeed practical in the UK due to these differences.

British wool is an amazingly natural and renewable resource that can be used in many applications from the catwalks of Milan to home interior products such as bedding and carpets, the diverse wool types on offer in the UK mean that British wool really can provide a truly sustainable solution for every application.



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