British Wool Trade


To meet the increasing demand for traceability, new to this season, British Wool has rolled out 100% traceable wool to 4 of 8 grading depots: Bradford, Galashiels, Newtown and South Molton.

The wool has been taken up by brands such as Harrison Spinks, Devon Duvets, Luna Textiles and Woolroom.

The traceable wool attracts a significant premium over and above the auction price, this additional value is being returned to British Wool’s farmer members. Moving forward we anticipate continued growth as we bring more brands on board with the scheme.

British Wool offers different levels of traceability to suit client demands.

All British Wool licensees have been through a through third party verified supply chain audit process to ensure that the wool they are using in their products is sourced through the British Wool scheme and also that the correct levels of British wool are being used.

This also helps to ensure the wool being used is to the brand exact requirements. This scheme underpins all of our traceability.

If you would like to discuss traceability, please email us at [email protected]



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All from British farms

All wool handled by British Wool comes from British farms, we do not grade and sell wool from anywhere else so all wool can be traced to British farms.

Regional traceability

British Wool have eight Grading Depots across the UK, all of the wool sold can be traced back to a specific Depot and give regional traceability.

Individual farms

We can offer farm traceability to any of the 35,000 farms we receive wool from. Helping connect our wool producers to brands and consumers and giving an additional layer of transparency.