Our mission is to drive sustainable demand for British wool in order to maximise returns for our members.

Improving the service to members

Providing a high-level of service to members is always a focus at British Wool.  Some of the areas British Wool have been improving in recent months include:

All member payments made by BACS:

BACS payments were introduced approximately 10 years ago with 5% of members still receiving their payments by cheque.

Earlier this year, cheque payments stopped and for any wool delivered this season, if British Wool had no bank details, unfortunately, the payment was put on hold.  British Wool staff have proactively been contacting members by email and over the phone.  There is also an option for members to update their details themselves on the British Wool website, simply follow the below steps:

Updating your details couldn’t be easier:

  1. Open
  2. Enter your name and registration number.
  3. Use the drop-down box to select your Update Type.
  4. Enter the required information.
  5. Click send.

Your details are emailed directly to our member services team and will be updated in the system within 3 working days.

VAT Self Billing:

British Wool operates a “Self-Billing” system.  Essentially, this means British Wool raises a VAT sales invoice on members behalf and then British Wool pays this “Self-Billed” invoice to the member.

To operate this system, British Wool requires written consent that self-billing is required under the HMRC self-billing VAT notice 700/62.  It applies to all VAT registered members and members registered under the Agricultural Flat Rate Scheme.

Several members have returned a completed Self-Billing Agreement (SBA) since the first communication back in 2019 however there remains several who have not responded.  In recent months contact has been made with members who have supplied a VAT number but no SBA – if you have not responded and are VAT registered you must complete an SBA form for VAT to be included.  

Introduction of QR codes on communication:

If we have contacted you regarding delivery of wool in recent weeks, some members may have noticed that a QR code was included enabling you to scan the code to log on to our website quicker and easier and complete the simple online form regarding your wool.  This improvement is all about convenience and making it easier for you to communicate with British Wool.

Online Board Member Elections:

Those members in Northern Ireland, English Northern and the English Central regions will be aware that this year the Board Member Election process will be fully online and managed by Civica Election Services.  Online nominations opened on 8th December and close 6pm tomorrow (4th January 2024)

Gareth Jones, Head of Member Engagement said: “These improvements are a key part of British Wool’s efforts to reduce operating costs and limit our environmental impact.  Paying members by BACS means members have the added convenience of receiving their payment directly into their bank with payments normally generated the day after the wool is delivered and credited to the member's bank account within three working days.”

“In addition to this, we are keen to encourage members to switch to paperless and receive all payment documentation by email rather than post.  Most members have already made this change and find this more effective and much quicker.  Another improvement is to review and ensure our member account details are fully up to date.  This enables us to communicate and contact you effectively when required and ensure that we can make payment for your wool quickly and efficiently.”

For any queries relating to your British Wool member account or any of the areas mentioned above, please contact the Member Services team on 01274 688666 [email protected]

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Improving the service to members