Our mission is to drive sustainable demand for British wool in order to maximise returns for our members.

Meet our Depot Service Managers (part 2)

The Depot Member Services Manager (DMSM) is a key role within the depot structure. The DMSM’s are responsible for maintaining a good standard of member engagement and ensuring a high level of service to members at the depots. The DMSM role is varied and includes many key tasks at the depot including:

Dealing with member calls - booking in wool and other general enquiries.

Managing the intake of wool to the depot from members, hauliers and drop-off sites.

Responsible for sharing key messages within the region around British Wool’s important role in supporting its members.

Keeping member accounts up to date on the British Wool database.

Lisa Bottomley

My name is Lisa Bottomley, and I am the Deport Members Services Manager here in Bradford, where I have worked for 3 years. My main role is to look after all the Farmers, Hauliers & Collection Centres assisting them with any queries and equipment needed.  I enjoy the relationships I have gained over the year and feel I am 100% dedicated to dealing with everything efficiently and on time that suits the Farmer, Haulier and Collection Centre.

I also deal with the dispatch side of the business, where I arrange wool to be delivered to the Bradford Depot to be put in the next sale and arrange sold wool to be collected by many different haulage companies.

In my spare time, I like to cook and go out for meals. I also love watching my sons play football and Rugby.

Karen Gordon

I have been Depot Services manager at Selkirk 3 years

The DMSM is a varied role with my focus aimed at providing our members with the best service possible. The role can be quite challenging at times but being able to sort out any issues and offer solutions is rewarding and gives me job satisfaction.

In my spare time, I am a keen supporter of the Lauderdale Bloodhounds. I enjoy the outdoors & most country pursuits & country shows and of course, I enjoy my holidays abroad to get a bit of much needed sunshine.

Nikki Andrews

My name is Nicola Andrews I have worked at the South Molton Grading Centre since 2005.

My role at South Molton is admin & member services which includes booking wool in, talking to haulier’s and collection centres to ensure the wool arrives on time providing the best service to our members whilst maintaining the running of the depot alongside the depot manager.

Outside of work, I enjoy going away in my caravan, going to yoga classes and geocaching.

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Meet our Depot Service Managers (part 2)