Peter Penlington, Co-Manager at British Wool's Newtown Depot, receiving the award from Joe Farren, Chief Executive

British Wool announces 2017 Depot of the Year

British Wool announces 2017 Depot of the Year

Newtown is British Wool’s 2017 Depot of the Year, announced at its National Conference and 67th Annual General Meeting held last week. 

British Wool has a network of 11 depots throughout the UK, all focussed on continuously striving to improve the service offered to their producers, to handle the wool cost effectively and efficiently and to maintain the highest quality control standards at all times.

This year, the award particularly sought to recognise improvements in productivity and profitability, with Newtown delivering an impressive £200K projected cost saving for the year, alongside a substantial productivity improvement. Depot Co-Managers Peter Penlington and Barry Bellis were also congratulated for their proactive approach to winning new producers.

Galashiels and South Molton were highly commended in the list of finalists.

Joe Farren, Chief Executive commented “I am delighted by the progress that has been made by all our depots this year, in particular the three finalists who have made substantial improvements and cost savings over the past 12 months. Depot of the Year will now become an annual event and is an excellent way for us to recognise the hard work and dedication that goes on across our depot network. My congratulations go to Peter and Barry and all the team at Newtown.”



Notes to editors:

British Wool is based in Bradford and is owned by approximately 40,000 sheep farmers in the UK.  It collects, grades, sells and promotes British wool to the international wool textile industry for use in flooring, furnishings and apparel.



Peter Penlington, Co-Manager at British Wool’s Newtown depot, receiving the award from Joe Farren, Chief Executive.

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