Our mission is to drive sustainable demand for British wool in order to maximise returns for our members.

Improving the service to members

As we head towards the start of shearing our depots are busy preparing for the new season.

This is the time of year when depots will be doing some essential maintenance work around the depots and preparing empty wool sheets whether these are for collection by members from the depot or their local drop-off site.

Providing members with a high level of service remains a commitment for all at British Wool and in recent weeks a review of the UK network has taken place.  80% of our members live within an hour of a British Wool drop-off site which is key in providing members with an easy and convenient service.

Last month, details on new arrangements in North East Wales were confirmed with two new sites replacing the site used at LE Jones’s haulage yard.  To improve the service to members in this area the new sites operating in 2024 will be based in Ruthin and Corwen, providing a more convenient and efficient service to members. 

If there are changes in other areas, we will communicate with members directly to inform them in due course.

Another improvement this year is introducing a QR code system at our drop-off sites that will link members to a form which informs us that your wool has been delivered.  This is a quick and easy way for us to know we received your wool which also enables us to release your payment.

Gareth Jones, Head of Member Engagement said: “Enhancing our service to members is a key priority ensuring we continually improve and provide members with a high level of service.  The introduction of the new QR code system at our drop-off sites will improve the overall service by allowing us to be aware that your wool has been delivered so we can release payment.  With over 100 drop-off sites across the UK offering no onward haulage charge, we hope this provides members with a convenient and reliable service when they deliver in their wool.”

To find your nearest British Wool grading depot or drop-off site please visit

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Improving the service to members