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Two new British Shearing Records

On Friday, champion shearers Nick Greaves and Llyr Jones were successful in their record breaking attempt beating the 9 Hour British Lamb Shearing record by shearing 1,717 lambs - the previous record which was set by Gareth Daniels and Ian Jones in 2016 was 1,457 lambs.

Individual British Record

There was also a new individual British Record where Nick Greaves beat the 9 Hour Single Stand record by shearing an individual tally of 881 compared to the previous record of 872 lambs held by Stuart Connor.

A record attempt of this type is a hugely demanding challenge; Nick and Llyr began shearing at 5am for two hours, followed by four one hour & 45 minute runs with the challenge ending at 5pm. It was held at Nick’s home farm in Staffordshire where they were surrounded by the support of family and friends, as well as sheep farmers and shearers from all over the UK.

Nick and Llyr

Speaking afterwards a triumphant Nick said:

“Both Llyr and I are delighted, this has always been a long time ambition for the two of us. It has not been easy getting here, but all the hard work and preparation has paid off. ”

In order to ensure the best possible chance of success, Nick and Llyr had to be at the top of their game. Llyr said:

“We have been preparing for the challenge since last summer following a very strict fitness regime, which then dovetailed with our shearing schedule across the Midlands.”

At the end of their successful record attempt Nick and Llyr thanked their family and the huge team of helpers, Nick said:

“Today would not have been possible without the support of a huge team of helpers, thank you for all your support and for giving up your time in making our dream become a reality.”

Llyr added:

“We also wish to thank all our sponsors for their kind support, Heiniger have been involved from day one in supporting us on our journey and also British Wool. Both Nick and I started our shearing journeys learning on British Wool courses and without those courses, we’d not be here. Thank you to Hywel Jones who taught us, it was great to have you here cheering us on today.”

British Wool Support

Commenting on the successful record attempt, Gareth Jones, Head of Member Communications at British Wool said:

“On behalf of British Wool, I would like to congratulate Nick and Llyr on what was, without a doubt, a phenomenal task, and is of course a tremendous achievement."

“This challenge has taken a lot of preparation and this success will help raise the profile and importance of shearing as a skill, which is absolutely vital to the sheep industry.”

Fundraising for two farming charities - the DPJ Foundation and Farming Community Network – took place on the day with an auction of items and a raffle. 

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Two new British Shearing Records Nick and Llyr