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NEW Puffin Packaging’s 100% British Wool Insulating Packaging

Puffin Packaging is making waves with its latest innovation in cold chain packaging, with a new liner made from 100% certified British wool. This groundbreaking achievement underscores Puffin’s dedication to sustainability and cutting-edge solutions to utilise coarse, mountain type wool currently greatly undervalued in the industry.

Yannis Archbold, the founder of Puffin Packaging, emphasises the importance of finding sustainable uses for British wool in today’s climate-conscious world. He tells,

“The choice to use British wool was an easy one as it fits well with the values of Puffin Packaging. Our commitment to supporting the local economy and the British farming community not only champions environmental sustainability but also provides another use for British wool bringing a traditional industry into modern supply chains”

Working with The University of Huddersfield and British Wool, Puffin developed a perfect blend of Swaledale and Welsh Mountain sheep, truly celebrating these two breeds due to the uniqueness of their fleece. Renowned for their hardiness and resilience, these breed’s wool traits translate into high-quality coarse wool with excellent insulating properties. By incorporating Swaledale and Welsh Mountain wool, Puffin Packaging ensures that its products keep excellent temperature control.

Throughout its journey, Puffin Packaging faced a pivotal decision: whether to use a blend of British wool with EU wool or other fibres or to remain steadfast in its commitment to 100% British wool. Robert Penkala, the General Manager at Puffin Packaging, affirms their dedication to British farmers by opting for the latter. He explains,

“We wanted to show commitment to British farmers, so we chose to select a 100% British wool solution. We have found British wool to be a dream to work with across our manufacturing processes. This is due to the UK climate and landscape the sheep are grazed on and means that the British wool is perfectly suited to the cold chain packaging solutions.”

100% pure British wool thermal liners are now available to order, interested or know a farm shop enterprise that would be? 

Please contact [email protected] for more information use the code GRAZE to let them know you are a British wool member.

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NEW Puffin Packaging’s 100% British Wool Insulating Packaging